Country House Hotel Casa de Campo in Dominican Republic

Here begins another good trip.

Today we present Casa de Campo in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Welcome to Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. I’m María Pérez, coordinator of public relations and I invite you to come and meet this wonder.

Casa de Campo, located in La Romana, Dominican Republic, is a hotel project with a community of inhabitants, the largest in Latin America. We have a hotel of 183 rooms, the LED, a marina with 350 places to park your yachts. He has tennis. Threw. Polo at a global level, with five 90-hole golf courses, ranked among the 40 best in the world. But the most important thing we have to offer in Casa de Campo is the warmth of its people, the Dominican hospitality, which are always ready to show you the best service you can find in the Caribbean.

Thank you for joining us in the country house and we invite you to continue traveling this wonder.

Hello, how are you, my name is Yasmina, we are here, in Casa de Campo. It is the most touristic and most special complex here, from our eastern flower of La Romana. We are currently in the Beach Club restaurant, here on the military beach. It is a special place, we have different activities: you can go to the beach as well as eat here in the restaurant, enjoy the bars that we have here, and I invite you to be very welcome here at La Romana in the Beach Club.

The beach that we offer here is a beach where only the community that lives in Casa de Campo and Casa de Campo guests can access, which makes it a pleasure to enjoy a place where nobody is bothering you. a person who is only attending. Casa de Campo guests are provided with a golf cart so they can manage themselves throughout their stay in this complex.

We take ours to visit the different golf courses that Casa de Campo has. In Casa de Campo we have three fields, we have Dientes de Perro, which is ranked among the 50 best in the world, number one in the Caribbean. We have another field that is called Dye Fore that is in Altos de Chavón, it is an excellent field, and we also have Links, it is a shorter field, it is more to play fast and do not have as many obstacles as Dog Teeth or Dye can have Fore. What makes this field different from any other is that, as you can see, we are on the sea, it is played inside the sea. I hit a bad shot, I fall on the beach and I have to hit the shot there. The design is amazing, I can play every day and I never get bored playing, the conditions are in excellent condition every day of the year, and well, the weather is fabulous. Cadiz is mandatory and cadiz is a very good esen, who knows the course and keeps the pace of play at a very good pace so that you can finish on time and then enjoy the resort.

I advise anyone who is looking at the program today, that if they can escape and come to Casa del Campo, Diente de Perro will play because it is an unforgettable experience. I believe that where I am standing today is one of the most photographed holes in the world, hole five, where we arrived, and the first thing players do is take the phone and take pictures, it’s amazing. It is a field that beginners can play, medium quality of players to professionals and is very challenging.

The truth is that it is paradise, and golf paradise too, once you finish playing what you want to do is go back to play. I advise them, if they have the opportunity, they have to come visit us. We continue touring this incredible place. When it comes to the hotel, we have two types of products, rooms. The rooms for golfers or executives who are spending the night quickly.

And we also have an elite product that is the 183 rooms elite rooms of which we have 12 suites so families can come with their children, they have a private room in the middle of the two rooms. For us, and I speak on behalf of all the staff of Casa de Campo and my own, of our President Rafael Torres, invite them to all of you, in South America, especially Argentina and all the countries that are seeing us to make that decision today with their families. Today digitally put Casa de Campo on the internet, experience that page, come and visit us, ask why they are waiting for them here and I have a whole team that is ready to serve you. Welcome to Casa de Campo. In the next block, much more Casa de Campo, here in La Romana, Dominican Republic.